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Quitutes Brazil

O Verdadeiro Gostinho Brasileiro na California

The Original Brazilian Taste in CA

Nos da Quitutes Brazil trouxemos para Bay Area CA, deliciosos salgadinhos caseiros no estilo gourmet. Nossos produtos sao compostos com temperos selecionados, sabor tradicional com um toque especial de amor e carinho..
Quitutes Brazil brought to San Jose CA, delicious homemade small bites in gourmet style. Our products are composed with selected seasoning, traditional flavor with a special touch of love and affection .
Quitutes Brazil brazilian food
coxinha de frango
salgados a pronta entrega
brazilian taste

           Coxinha de frango is definitely one of the country’s favorite snacks. Coxinha literally means "little thigh". This Brazilian snacks, also called salgados or salgadinhos, include a variety of delicacies such as empada (also called empadinha), risoles (deep-fried croquettes), pastel, quibe (Brazilian version of kibbeh), esfiha, croquete, bolinha de queijo (cheese balls)

These salgadinhos can be found in nearly every lanchonete (snack bar), padaria (bakery), juice bar or even some upscale restaurant in Brazil.

Coxinhas de frango may come in various sizes, from bite size to larger ones, which can be enjoyed as a full lunch as opposed to a snack.

            Coxinhas de frango  were originally made with a chicken thigh, which its traditional shape is meant to resemble. In its modern processed form it may have originated in Limeira in the 19th century.[1]

In the book Stories & Recipes, Nadir Cavazin says that the son of Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil (1846-1921) and Prince Gaston, Count of Eu, a child who lived in seclusion for having mental problems had a favorite dish, chicken, but only ate the thigh. One day, not having enough thigh, the cook decided to turn a whole chicken into thighs, shredding it and making the filling for a flour dough shaped into a drumstick. The child endorsed the results. The Empress Teresa Cristina, when she was visiting him, could not resist the tasty delicacy; she liked it so much she requested that the master of the imperial kitchen learn how to prepare the snack.

These amazing delicacies, come with de passage of time, adapting with the popular taste, and improving every day. The different sizes and fillings, made them even more popular and delicious.

coxinha a pronta entrega na bay area
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